How to set the Auto answer of our IP phone

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How to set the Auto answer of our IP phone

Posted:Mon 21 of Nov, 2011 (08:26 UTC)
Step 1: On the main page, select [Phone SettingAuto Answer], enter [Auto Answer] page, after revising information 
Step 2: After saving change, enter [Note Information] page, “Note Information” will be seen, then the changing will come into effect.
Step 3: On the main page, select [Save Change] item, enter [Save Changes] page, and execute the saving command by press [Save]. [Note Information] page will be seen which means saving successfully. And the system will be restarted, please wait for a while.
Step 4: When an incoming call comes through FXO or FXO Port, please wait for a while till heard the 2nd Dial Tone, then please dial FXS or FXO Port phone number.

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