Voicebuy A-Z Wholesale VoIP Provider!!!

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Voicebuy A-Z Wholesale VoIP Provider!!!

Posted:Mon 21 of Nov, 2011 (10:11 UTC)
Hello everyone!

Voicebuy wholesale VoIP Provider is happy to offer you its services.

A-Z Wholesale VoIP Termination services
Excellent quality Premium VoIP Services at the lowest possible rates
We guarantee CLI, DTMF delivery and T38 FAX support at 90% destionations.
VoIP Calls at the highest quality - ASR up to 65% and ACD up to 10 minutes!!!
24/7 account access and A-Z Destinations!!!!!!

Sip Protocol support.
Supported Codecs: G729 / G723/ G.711 A / G.711 U.
Authorization type:
- by inserting static real IP address
- by using username and password for SIP registration.

You can try our service quality before making a payment by making our free test call.

Voicebuy also offers the unique and feature-rich private label VoIP reseller program!
The program gives you an opportunity to register in our website, get your own website
and provide VoIP services without making any global investment.
A lot of different web and billing features, as well as VoIP services are included.

For more information visit our website: www.voicebuy.com
or contact us by email: info@voicebuy.com