overlap dialing call flow required

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overlap dialing call flow required

Posted:Tue 22 of Nov, 2011 (06:04 UTC)
hi ,can anyone share the call flow for overlap dialing in MGCP.
Just to explain what is overlap sending :

What is "Match As You Go" Dialing?
Consider a traditional landline telephone connected to your local exchange. When you lift the handset and start to dial, each digit is sent to the exchange immediately, and is processed immediately ("match as you go"). In contrast, consider the typical cell phone: you type the telephone number in, but it is only when you press the Send button that the telephone sends the number, all at once, to the exchange.

Once the call has been connected through, however, both types of telephones work the same way as far as any additional dialing goes. If, for example, you dial a company and are greeted by a voicemail system, any digits you dial — whether you're using a cell phone or an ordinary landline phone — are sent as you dial them, "match as you go" style.