For SUPERB Retail offers | Free VSR Reseller Panel |Mobile Dialer| |Pc2Phone| |Call shop|

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For SUPERB Retail offers | Free VSR Reseller Panel |Mobile Dialer| |Pc2Phone| |Call shop|

Posted:Thu 24 of Nov, 2011 (14:22 UTC)
TALKSAVES LTD. provides VOIP RETAIL SERVICE worldwide through many options and dialers, we provide excellent voice quality with competitive rates and online presence of our account managers to trouble shoot any problems for new clients.

TalkSaves has variety of features to facilitate all kinds of its retail customers, by its new free and a user friendly VSR System for a variety of retail users. Our VSR is up to three levels providing flexibility for all sizes of resellers. Some of our distinct features are:

- Phone 2 Phone (Direct Dialing)
- PC 2 Phone
- Mobile Dialer 2 Phone
- Device 2 Phone
- Call Back
- Web SMS / Dialer SMS
- Virtual Numbers (DID)
- Call Shop

TalkSaves VSR provides quality features to our users such as:

- Setup your own selling rates
- Manage multiple sub-resellers
- Generate your own accounts
- Monitor your revenue/profits

Our onboard Technical staff of NOC is always there to help you and ensure the best delivery of our services to our valued clients.

TalkSaves focuses to provide an excellent experience of services to its customers through its dedicated team, valued principles and quality services.

We appreciate any query to help make our services more understandable and profitable to our clients.
Feel free to contact our sales team as follow:

TalkSaves Key Account Manager
- Email:
- Web:
- Mobile: +923217926228, +923334035060