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Hello Valued Providers,

Chase Empire LLC is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors. We are based in New York, with a significant presence in North America and Europe Countries. We deal with Wholesale Volume of Traffic for A to Z destinations.

Following destinations have live and bulk volume of traffic:

Yemen all 200k p/d
Cuba all 100k p/d
Ghana 78k p/d
Gambia all 300k p/d
Algeria 123k p/d
Morocco 500k p/d
Azerbaijan 89k p/d
France 67k p/d
Zimbabwe 200k p/d
Russia 300k p/d
Iran 89k p/d
Indonesia 1000k p/d
Haiti 200k p/d
Myanmar 200k p/d
Afghanistan 130k p/d
Tunisia 89k p/d
Tanzania 240k p/d
UK 200k p/d
Ukraine 100k p/d
Libya all 79 p/d
Guyana 100k p/d
Albania 67k p/d
Jamaica 89k p/d
Malaysia 200k p/d

Please feel free to contact me on MSN or send an email anytime if you have any of these routes . You may also offer us your top destinations for our review, so we can send our traffic through your network accordingly. Your business with us will be greatly appreciated!

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