Used telecom equipment for sale

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Used telecom equipment for sale

Posted:Wed 30 of Nov, 2011 (05:24 UTC)
Due to the business suspension Nergy Telecom is selling a complete turn-key solution for starting (or expanding and existing) telecom business. The solution in particular allows to:

- Sell calling cards
- Provide callback services around the world
- Manage wholesale traffic trading (both VoIP and PSTN)
- Provide VoIP telephony services (pc2phone, 3G calls etc.)
- To have multiple rate layers to manage resellers and other distribution channels
The solution has multiple languages IVR. The rates and call flow parameters are very flexible and can be fine tuned to meet every requirement.
Comes with very functional in-house developed web interface for employees, resellers and end users to manage all aspects online.
The capacity is 40E1 PSTN + 40 E1 VOIP circuits. The equipment contains of the following units:
- PSTN Switches with billing software
- Quintum VoIP gateways
- SQL servers
- Data Storage
- Web Server
- LAN Switches, APC, VPN tunnel and some accessories.

The offered solution is fully operational, very stable, shows great performance. It is fully configured and ready to operate once installed in a datacenter and connected to carriers. Installation and maintenance is available if needed. A fully developed web-site and the brand name can be also sold.
For further details and a quote please contact us at nergy.team@gmail.com