Bricked SoundPoint IP 600?

Joined: Sat 03 of Dec, 2011

Bricked SoundPoint IP 600?

Posted:Sat 03 of Dec, 2011 (12:20 UTC)
I bought a used Polycom SoundPoint IP 600 and it was working fine. I put config files in the FTP server so it could download them and after it rebooted a few times, it now seems bricked. When I plug it in, the Polycom logo shows on the screen and the red light to the right of the display comes on. Then the logo is gone, screen goes blank and the first line key light, on the left of the screen, comes on and nothing else happens. It does not seem to respond to any key or combination of keys.

Does anyone know how to factory-reset the device aside from the 4+6+8+* key combination?

Thank you for any help.