Linux based Wholesale Mediacore softswitch_ New Yer Proposal

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Linux based Wholesale Mediacore softswitch_ New Yer Proposal

Posted:Tue 06 of Dec, 2011 (09:42 UTC)
• Integrated Billing module
• Unlimited capacity
• Dynamic routing mechanism
• Connection quality monitoring module Guardian
• Session Border Controller
• Protocol conversion: H323, SIP
• Transcoding module
Codecs supported:
SIP: G729/8000, ALAW (G711A), ULAW (G711U), G723, GSM
H323: G729/8000, ALAW (G711A), ULAW (G711U), G723, GSM, G729, G729 A/B
Basic modules: Switch, Billing.
Optional modules: Transcoding, Guardian (connection quality monitoring with immediate trouble ticketing).

• Price depending on number of concurrent calls;
• 24/7 technical support free of charge during first 3 months;
• 7-10 day free trial period with free 24/7 support.
• All modules included;
• Price depending on collocation;
• Unlimited traffic volume / unlimited number of lines (concurrent calls) options;
• 24/7 technical support.

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