SIP trunk and QoS questions

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SIP trunk and QoS questions

Posted:Wed 07 of Dec, 2011 (01:24 UTC)
Hi Folks:

I am new to the forums. I have a small IT services company in San Francisco and we are just getting started with VoIP. I have a client for whom we set up a Fonality PBX. Service is provided by Megapath SIP trunks running over their DSL (1upx10down). I purchased a router which supposedly included QoS features, but I have had complaints about dropped calls and audio distortion even after setting priority on the port connected to the PBX. Also I think I am discovering that the Megapath SIP trunks are somewhat overpriced. At least that's what I think when I compare their $25/mo per trunk to Skype's $7.95+usage and gateway fees at $0.015/min.

I am looking for advice on how to improve their setup. My questions are:

1) I am planning on recommending a Fortinet firewall to replace the crummy "Cisco" SR520 which doesn't actually run IOS. Also have been recommended the Edgemarc to ensure quality of service.

2) I am working on adding Comcast cable Internet for improved bandwidth and will keep the DSL for redundancy.

3) I would like to recommend a less expensive SIP trunk service. I am thinking of trying out Skype Connect since the pricing looks good at $7.95/trunk + usage at ~$0.02/min depending on calling destination. Does anyone have experience with Skype Connect?

Any other advice for me?

Thanks much, I sincerely appreciate any input you might have.

Best regards,