Call to a queue

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Call to a queue

Posted:Mon 12 of Dec, 2011 (15:54 UTC)
HEllo,I'm pretty new to the forum and to asterisk.
I working on a project to "sell" asterisk in the company and I4m trying to devellop a proof-of-concept about asterisk.
I've interconnected nagios and asterisk, when I've an alarm it call the guy defined without problem(I've added the svox TTS core with success).

But I'm unable to create a call file that will call a queue and not a direct SIP exten connected ?

In my case, I would like that a support guy on duty log himself on the pabx which make him available in different "queue" (as support of different application) and that an alarm call a queue (where our support guys is registered).

I was thinking about priority on a queue for the registering of the user and create a .call file toward that queue but it doesn't accept to make a .call file if it's not towards an SIP/user

Is there any way of dong it in asterisk or freeswitch will suit this need better?