ANI from Mexican phone roaming in USA?

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Re: ANI from Mexican phone roaming in USA?

Posted:Sun 29 of Jan, 2012 (21:40 UTC)
I'm not sure about Mexican phone, but usually roaming comes in with original caller id, so it will come in with +52, its impossible to predict 100% of the calls how they will come in, every carrier can have it come in a different way ie 0052, +52 or the number without 52, international caller id is always tricky and not reliable.
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ANI from Mexican phone roaming in USA?

Posted:Mon 26 of Dec, 2011 (18:31 UTC)
Hi all - first post to this board - I tried searching for an answer to this but came up empty.. and as I write it it seems like a really dumb question but I don't have the answer and nobody I know here has a Mexico-registered phone for me to test on today.

If one of our DIDs receives an incoming call from a Mexican phone roaming in the USA, what ANI information do we get? Does it include the "52" country calling code as a prefix? And how many total digits - and is it a constant length X digits or varying by geographical area?

I'm trying to cover my bases in advance on a new dialplan.

Thanks for any help!