providing sip gateway ygw30 ,sip protocol ,t.38fax ,a real fxo port

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Re: providing sip gateway ygw30 ,sip protocol ,t.38fax ,a real fxo port

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Emmanuel will contact you for more details. I have interest
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providing sip gateway ygw30 ,sip protocol ,t.38fax ,a real fxo port

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SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2(RFC3261)
Support Route,Two 10/100Mbps MACs
Support T.38(Doing)
TFTP Client/DHCP Client/ PPPoE Client
Telnet/HTTP Server
DNS Client
Support G.723.1 5.3k/6.3k,G.729,G.711 A-Law、μ-Law audio codec algorithm
Dynamic voice detection Echo cancellation Comfort noise generation
Tone generation and Local DTMF generation and detection according with ITU-T
Settings by HTTP web browser (IE6.0)
Advanced settings by Telnet
Voice prompt
Upgrade by TFTP
2RJ45 Ports,Built-in Router,conference,Auto-provison or updating by HTTP,FTP or TFTP.
For each YGW30A,it can have 3-SIP account,all can be used as caller at anytime.It can be selected among these 3-SIP account as caller by dial different dial prefix.It can be used as PSTN ordinary phone when power off.
For each YGW30B,it can have 3-SIP account and one PSTN phone number,that means each ATA own 4 phone numbers,all can be used as callee at anytime.For the caller,these 4 account can be selected by dial different relevant prefix(including switch to PSTN as an ordinary PSTN phone)
YGW30B has a real FXO port to support router call from PSTN to VOIP or from VOIP to PSTN.

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