can't change dial tone

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Re: can't change dial tone

Posted:Thu 05 of Jan, 2012 (13:53 UTC)
i also have the same problem
can any one solve this plzs
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can't change dial tone

Posted:Sat 31 of Dec, 2011 (04:26 UTC)
I want to customise the indication tones. I changed the indications.conf like this:


description = HongKong
ringcadence = 400,200
dial = 350+440
busy = 480+620/500,0/500
ring = 440/400,0/200,440/400,0/3000
congestion = 480+620/250,0/250

After I run CLI 'modules reload', it show the default country change to hk. However, when I try to use cmd Dial with option 'r'. It still use default us setting.