Double call transfer

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Double call transfer

Posted:Fri 06 of Jan, 2012 (13:16 UTC)
I'd like to know how this case is called and what to do with it.

We have a PBX Samsung OfficeServ 500 in city A and an older and more simple Samsung PBX system in city B with a 4-channel VoIP bridge between them. All calls from city A are automatically transferred to city B via VoIP. The call operators are in city B and they transfer calls to city B's internal phones. But sometimes we have to transfer them back to city A, so 2 lines are used: one in A-B direction and another in reverse direction to internal phone in City A. So there are several problems: a big audio delay, there's a quality degradation and VoIP 2 lines are used for 1 call instead of none.

How is it called? What should we do to prevent it? As I understand it's a pretty common problem, but I don't know how to Google it.