Wholesale SIP trunks | Hosted PBX | Paid Toll Free Termination | Premium US DID's

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Wholesale SIP trunks | Hosted PBX | Paid Toll Free Termination | Premium US DID's

Posted:Thu 12 of Jan, 2012 (05:40 UTC)
www.teleinx.com offers a full range of Business VoIP solutions:

Hosted PBX

Our hosted IP-PBX is almost infinitely scalable, and it’s ideal for supporting workers in multiple locations or who travel frequently. The Internet seamlessly and inexpensively connects your main office with branch locations and telecommuters located anywhere around the globe. Calls between locations are free!

SIP Trunking

Companies are realizing they don’t need to pay the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining distinct voice and data networks. You can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network.

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Wholesale SIP Trunking offers the benefit of pay as you go flexibility. There are no per trunk/channel fees or minimum commitments. We offer a low Flat Rate to domestic and international destinations. With our low Flat Rates there are no rate updates to worry about.

Wholesale NPA NXX Termination

Are you looking for the most agressive rate to a particular destination? Do you have an LCR (Least-Cost Routing) engine? Are you running a dialer application? Good news! This product is for you. While other carriers don’t want dialer traffic, we welcome it. We maintain the industry’s most aggressive rates for long duration and short duration traffic.

Paid Toll-Free Termination

We now offer compensation for Toll Free 1-(8xx) Termination. Our Toll Free SIP Gateway offers carrier grade toll free termination services to small businesses, enterprises and carriers in the U.S. and Canada.

Premium U.S.A. DIDs

Teleinx will not only provide you with a FREE local inbound number but also pay you for every minute that you receive on that number. Perfect for call centers, customer support, conferencing, chat lines and more.

Contact sales@teleinx.com for more info