Quality VoIP Wholesale Termination & VoIP Reseller Solutions

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Quality VoIP Wholesale Termination & VoIP Reseller Solutions

Posted:Wed 18 of Jan, 2012 (08:25 UTC)
Hello everyone,

Voicebuy is a leading VoIP Wholesale Termination Provider.
We offer you A-Z Wholesale VoIP Services worldwide.

Standard & Premium VoIP Routes – up to 65% ASR, from 5 to 10 minutes ACD

Standard Wholesale VoIP Rates – the lowest rates and the best possible quality
Premium Wholesale VoIP Rates – High quality and low rates
Premium Plus Wholesale VoIP Rates – The highest quality and the lowest possible rates

Voicebuy offers you Voicebuy MIX routing plan which allows using all three VoIP routes having a single account.

Are you looking for VoIP Reseller solutions? You are at the right place.
Voicebuy VoIP Reseller Program is the best solution for resellers.
Register now and get the VoIP Reseller Program without paying monthly fees.

Voicebuy is available everywhere 24/7 offering you quality VoIP Termination services and customer support.
Visit our website: www.voicebuy.com
or contact us by email: info@voicebuy.com