AsteriskTSP not working in certain program.

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AsteriskTSP not working in certain program.

Posted:Tue 24 of Jan, 2012 (16:17 UTC)
Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but I'm pretty new to this stuff.

We recently updating our office system to use VoIP and Asterisk. We went by our installers suggestions and installed the Activa AsteriskTSP client to interface with the software we use. We got it working without a hitch in Outlook 2007, as well as the dialer software. We are a lawn care company that uses the "Real Green Lawn Assistant" program, and this is where we need our SIP software to work. I've tried several other drivers, with no luck. The software company itself has a pretty horrid tech support program, and they claim we need to use a 32-bit driver to interface with the software (which I thought we were?)

I thought perhaps maybe we are missing an actual dialing piece of software, but I'm not totally sure. Can anyone out there point in the right direction? Perhaps to other drivers I can test? I've already used the other SIPTAPI driver listed on this website, with the same results.

Thanks for your time!