**Pak (White & Grey) **Ind ** BD**Ind (Roc)**Ind (Bsnl) ** BDGrey ** Egypt Grey ,unbeatbale quality!!!!!!!!

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**Pak (White & Grey) **Ind ** BD**Ind (Roc)**Ind (Bsnl) ** BDGrey ** Egypt Grey ,unbeatbale quality!!!!!!!!

Posted:Sat 28 of Jan, 2012 (16:04 UTC)
Dear Partner,

As we are providing the best VOIP services over in Pakistan, Gulf countries of Middle East especially United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait;

We offer the stregthen work with direct route services of Pakistan ,India , Bangla Desh along with A ~ Z routes and having best and competetive rates and best qulaity measurments.

ACD 7-9
ASR 50%
PDD 1-3

Pakistan (White Cli Route)
Pakistan (Pakistan Landline)
India (White Cli Route)
India (ROC & BSNL)
Bangla Desh (White Cli Route)
Bangla Desh (Non Cli )
Egypt (NoN Cli)
A~Z (Cli Route)

Our Mensifesto is;

We keep focus only on prepay customers.

We provide CDR link to our customers for reconciliation of existing Account data.

Please feel free to contact us for any business proposal.

We are Looking forward of you for good bussiness relationship.

Thanks & regards,

Farhan Khan
Sales Representative
Mega Communicators
MSN ;; farhan@megacommunicators.com
EMAIL;; farhan@megacommunicators.com
Skype ;; farhanmegacommunicators
URL ;; www.megacommunicators.com