Alternative to Asterisk switches

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Alternative to Asterisk switches

Posted:Fri 17 of Feb, 2012 (14:37 UTC)
If you're tired of asterisk softswitch with its poorly limited features, no billing and no technical support, try out IXC Softswitch.

Compared with Asterisk, it has integrated billing with several features and financial tools: automatic invoice generation, automatic deposit disconnection; inner built statistics.
It operates with H.323 and SIP used by world majority of VoIP operators. Transcoding H.323 into SIP and vice versa.
Integrated feature to make calls worldwide.
It has an easily-configurable system and requires no profound UNIX knowledge. Our technical support is always online 24/7/365.

While Asterisk is mainly used by small voip retail companies,
International corporations, holdings with branched networks have been using IXC Softswitch for more than 10 years now. We've been developing software since 1999.

Visit our website: or contact me for more information and a FREE DEMO: