Calls stay pinned up after Transfer

Joined: Thu 16 of Feb, 2012

Calls stay pinned up after Transfer

Posted:Wed 22 of Feb, 2012 (20:24 UTC)
iSymphony v2.2.0 rev 2203

We are experiencing an issue were:
1) An agent receives a call in a queue
2) Agent transfers that call to another extension using the phone
3) Once the call is transferred, the agent shows connected to the extension the call was transferred TO in iSymphony. Agent is no longer on the call.
4) The transferring agent is able to hangup the call in iSymphony after it is transferred, essentially dropping the call
5) This is also effecting new calls being routed to the agent at times

This does not happen when the call is transferred via "drag and drop" in iSymphony

I did some digging in queue_log and could see that when a queue call is transferred via the phone (either by ## or the phone transfer button) it doesn't write a COMPLETECALLER until the call is hung up by the parties after transfer. If the call is transferred via iSymphony, the COMPLETECALLER will be written when the call is transferred.

I've also noticed that there are no TRANSFER are being written to queue_log at all.

Any suggestions?