What does 'viconf <SID> .update' mean?

Joined: Mon 27 of Feb, 2012

What does 'viconf <SID> .update' mean?

Posted:Mon 27 of Feb, 2012 (21:10 UTC)
I have a PBXtra leftover from when my last company closed. I tried to get it online and have configured the router and the device. It looks like everything is set up, but my phones do not set the PBXtra. Since I'm out of my Support agreement with Fonality, I can't ask them this question. From the WebGUI I get the error:

Configuration failure: We have tried to transfer the recent configuration changes you have made in
this software down to your premise PBXtra server. Normally, this occurs instantly, but for an unknown
network reason, the changes have not yet reached your server. We will automatically try to transmit
them again in 15 minutes. When we succeed, this message will disappear. However, you may continue to
safely make changes while you see this message! You can also press the "Complete Changes" button to
synchronize these configurations immediately.

For which the only response I can see proposes the following Fix, but I'm not sure what it means:

select_version 5
viconf <SID> .update
delete all contents

Can anyone help?