All india grey pvt mobiles available !!!!!

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All india grey pvt mobiles available !!!!!

Posted:Thu 01 of Mar, 2012 (13:19 UTC)
Dear Partners,

Greetings from GVantage.......Is Offering Hot Offers On Below Routes :

All India Grey Pvt Mobiles Available @ 0.008, with Good Connectivity and Unlimited Ports.

Payment Modes : Prepay and Vertecto.

For Quick Response you can Reach me on Email / MSN :

Payment Facilities Available :

India ( Cash in Hand Facility Available, if its Urgent then we have Company Bank Accounts Also ).

United Arab Emirates (Bank Accounts, Online Access Available, Can confirm your Payments Within Minutes ).

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( Bank Accounts Facility Available, we can arrange cash in hands also).

Step ahead and experience our uninterrupted services. For Quick Response Please Contact on Email / MSN:

Mohammed Sohail
Sales Executive
E Mail / MSN:
GVantage Technologies INC., USA
Gaz Consultancy Services, India
Ph: +91 40 65555740