˙·٠•●***Easter offer by Junctionz ***˙·٠•●

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˙·٠•●***Easter offer by Junctionz ***˙·٠•●

Posted:Wed 04 of Apr, 2012 (07:41 UTC)
Routes of Highest Quality available at Competitive Rates & Amazing Stats!!

Destinations include:

• Cyprus
• Italy
• Germany
• Turkey

We Offer:

• Free Testing
• 24/7 Technical Support
• Unlimited Capacity

Payment Terms: Prepay Only
Billing: Per Second

Payment Mode: Pay Pal, Western Union/Xpress Money, Bank Wire (Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE and Pakistan)

For Free Testing, queries and more info contact:

Email: huma.qaisar@junctionz.net
MSN: huma.qaisar@junctionz.net