Hot and active routes from gvantage !!!!!!

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Hot and active routes from gvantage !!!!!!

Posted:Tue 01 of May, 2012 (16:21 UTC)
Dear Partners

Greetings From GVantage.......Is Offering Hot Offers on Below Routes

India Cli Pvt Mobiles @ 0.0098
India Cli BSNL @ 0.0112
India Cli Roc / Proper @ 0.0123

Pak Cli Mobiles @ 0.0127
Pak Cli Proper @ 0.0145

Bangladesh Pure Cli @ 0.032
Bangladesh Non cli Mobiles @ 0.0172

UK Mobiles Pure Cli @ 0.039

And Other Non cli Routes : Azerbaijan, Gabon, Libya, Algeria........

You Can Reach Me On Email / MSN : sales@g-vantage.com

Payment Terms : Prepay and Vertecto.

Payment Facilities : India, UAE, Bangladesh, Kuwait and Qatar.

Please Feel Free to Contact Us Any Time.

Mohammed Sohail
Sales Executive
E Mail / MSN: sales@g-vantage.com
GVantage Technologies INC., USA
Gaz Consultancy Services, India
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