Unlimited HostedSwitch® - Free Trial

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Unlimited HostedSwitch® - Free Trial

Posted:Mon 14 of May, 2012 (04:17 UTC)
HostedSwitch.COM is a 11-year-market-proven Cloud VoIP
softswitch. With HostedSwitch .COM there is no need to pay
for software upgrades, engineers, colocation, bandwidth.

HostedSwitch® requires almost no upfront investment.
Because of the in-house development, we update and
develop our softswitch on a weekly basis. By means of its
API HostedSwitch® can also serve as a VoIP backbone for
new voice over IP ventures and creations.

Please visit our site to find out more about:

OR start a trial period right now:
http: //hostedswitch .com/register .html

HostedSwitch® - VoIP Softswitch-as-a-Service