Looking for Routes

Joined: Tue 22 of May, 2012

Looking for Routes

Posted:Tue 22 of May, 2012 (12:38 UTC)
we are looking for the following FAS FREE non cli routes for our retail traffic:

Algeria fix 10k per week
Algeria mobile 23k per week
Bolivia fix 5k per week
Bolivia mobile 7k per week
Cameroon mobile 12k per week
Congo DR mobile 6k per week
Ecuador mobile 6k per week
Guinea mobile 10k per week
Mali mobile 5k per week
Morocco mobile 35k per week
Nigeria mobile 4k per week
Paraguay mobile 3k per week
Senegal mobile 11k per week
Togo mobile 3k per week
Tunisia fix 2k per week
Tunisia mobile 13k per week

also for wholesale traffic we need:
Azerbaijan all mobile
Bulgaria all mobile
Monaco all mobile
Afghanistan all mobile
Zimbabwe Econet
UAE all mobile
Saudi Arabia all mobile

Please send me kindly your rates to:

Thanks in advance!