Transfer issue with polycom 501s

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Re: Transfer issue with polycom 501s

Posted:Fri 01 of Jun, 2012 (05:59 UTC)

Please check your sip.conf file.You should set nat=yes and add allow=all in your sip extension. Have a try,Good luck!
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Transfer issue with polycom 501s

Posted:Thu 24 of May, 2012 (20:01 UTC)
Hi Guys, I'm having an issue with transfering incomming callers to any ext. When the caller calls in and the call is answered then transfered the clal is transered in halfduplex. Its not every call and is very speratic. the caller can not here us but we can hear them. I am using Polycom soundsation 501 phones thru out the company and am on Asterisk 1.4. Any suggestions are welcome.