Asterisk / Elastix Address Book and Call Recording

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Re: Asterisk / Elastix Address Book and Call Recording

Posted:Tue 26 of Jun, 2012 (12:51 UTC)

you dont need any hardware for recording calls in asterisk/elastix.

you just need a analog or E1/T1 card as per ur need to connect the telco line to ur server.

you can store all ur contacts in elastix contacts directory.....

polycom is best suited ip phone for asterisk..

If you want u can also use TRIXBOX(its a asterisk based ippbx).. which is more user friendly .. its just my opinion.
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Asterisk / Elastix Address Book and Call Recording

Posted:Thu 07 of Jun, 2012 (07:33 UTC)
I am trying to build a small asterisk based PBX using Elastix. It'll be having 4 FXO (2 ISDN, normal analog POTS, 2 nos. GSM connections using a GSM Terminal) and 4 FXS (2 IP Phones and 2 Android SIP Client).

I am confused about the following two issues and need your help:

I need to record all Incoming / Outgoing Calls along with their Caller Ids, Is any special hardware needed ?

I have about 5000-6000 contacts which I want to show up on my IP Phones menu, so that users can dial by selecting / searching the name / company. Also how should contacts be added / updated in this case? directly on server or through IP Phones also ? How can this be implemented and which is the most cost effective IP-Phone to purchase for contacts list of this size.

Thanks a lot for your time