Bd non cli route available !!!!!!!!!!

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Bd non cli route available !!!!!!!!!!

Posted:Fri 08 of Jun, 2012 (13:14 UTC)
Dear Partners,

Greetings From GVantage......Is Offering Hot Offers on Below Route.

Bangladesh Non Cli Mobiles ( 8801 ) @ 0.0169.

Stable Route, Unlimited Capacity.

Payment Facilities Available in : India, Bangladesh, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait.

Payment Terms : Prepay and Vertecto.

For Quick Response you can Reach me on Email / MSN :
Skype : gvantagesales.

Mohammed Sohail
Sales Executive
E Mail / MSN:
Skype Id : gvantagesales
GVantage Technologies INC., USA
Gaz Consultancy Services, India