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Greetings !

DIGITEK is one of the leading Company in voIP, It has the main focus of provide good service and quality to Customers.
We have amazing offers for every one around the Globe, those looking for quality routes at most affordable rates.

Core Destinations are;

◕ Pak CLI
◕ Ind Pvt Mob
◕ Ind BSNL
◕ Ind ROC
◕ Bd CLI
◕ Bd Non CLI
◕ Nepal CLI
◕ Nepal Non CLI with Spice

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Kindly Contact me with the destination which you are looking for and daily traffic volume, so on that bases I can offer you something incredible.

Best Regards,
Nadia Khan
Marketing Executive
Email/MSN: sales2@digitekglobal.co
Skype: nadi.khan01