••●●● Haiti 0.20 and Morocco 0.23 ●●●••

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••●●● Haiti 0.20 and Morocco 0.23 ●●●••

Posted:Mon 18 of Jun, 2012 (12:27 UTC)
Dear all,

Contact me if you have traffic to Morocco 0.23 and Haiti 0.020: karina at sprintmalt.com (MSN/E-Mail)

Sprint Malt is a Hong Kong based Telecommunication Company. It offers a totally interactive market place for trading VoIP minutes, where the buyers can have their say by exacting sellers to offer at best prices.Through its Peering Solutions platform Sprint Malt organizes traffic exchange between various (ISPs). Thus we provide competitive rates to our customers, in the meantime having high quality in the priority.

Small buyers, who in usual conditions cannot bargain, will have an opportunity to make use of available bulk discounts. Similarly finding out quality routes and trusty worthy carriers is another daunting task which would be tackled well by Sprint Malt’s interface which would influence buyer’s skills and capacities and bring providers and sellers onto a regular platform to challenge each other.

Billing increment: 1/1
Supported Protocols: SIP, H323
Supported Codecs: G723, G729
Payment term is PrePaid