Call Center + Ticketing System

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Re: Call Center + Ticketing System

Posted:Fri 27 of Jul, 2012 (08:18 UTC)
Hello Alex Saavedra,

I am working for interactcrm solution pvt. ltd. as a software engineer.
and we have just deployed the same solution for a Netherlands based client..

our company deals with all type of call center solutions and r certified partners of AVAYA also..

we work on open source softwares too like Asterisk.

my company website is

i will be looking forward for ur reply
mail me @ or

Re: Call Center + Ticketing System

Posted:Thu 28 of Jun, 2012 (17:50 UTC)
Hi Alex,

While you are waiting for an answer to this, I encourage you to check out our Call Center Software page for more information about this including a list of providers.

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Call Center + Ticketing System

Posted:Thu 28 of Jun, 2012 (13:29 UTC)
Our Ottawa based company is looking to deploy a VoIP solution being able to integrate a Ticketing System for Technical Support. I'd like to know if anyone knows about a solution fulfilling the following requirements:

1. Automatic routing of incoming calls to idle agents.
2. Automatic creation of new tickets from incoming phone calls.
3. Automatic escalation of tickets near SLA to Level 2 and 3.
4. Live reporting to display current status of outstanding tickets.

Thank you,

Alex Saavedra