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Using SIM cards with an unlimited text plan on an SMS gateway device can drive bulk SMS costs down in orders of magnitude!

Hypermedia HG-7000 SMS Messaging series provides out-of-the-box bulk SMS and Interactive Messaging Response (IMR) solution for Call Centers, Service Providers and Marketing oriented Business.
See: www.hyperms.com/products/sms-gateways/151-bulk-sms-gateway-.html

Hypermedia SMS Gateway is customer premises equipment that takes into consideration SMS cloud services security and database integrity issues, and overcomes the risk using direct SMSC gateway.

Key Benefits:
• Minimal setup time
• Client’s Database Integrity
• Have your own internal system control
• Generate own personal SMS campaigns
• Protect Database from “man in the middle” attacks
• Control your own SMS campaigns budget
• Third party application support: SMPP/HTTP/SMTP/API
• Two way texting with SMS long code support

Get Bulk SMS Gateway price quote: go to: www.hyperms.com/products/sms-gateways/86-instant-price-quote.html

If you are considering purchasing an SMS gateway, read a few things to take note of when looking for unlimited text plans here: www.smsgateways.info/2012/01/11/unlimited-sms.

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