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Using SIM cards with an unlimited text plan on an SMS gateway device can drive bulk SMS costs down in orders of magnitude!

Hypermedia HG-7000 SMS Messaging series provides out-of-the-box bulk SMS and Interactive Messaging Response (IMR) solution for Call Centers, Service Providers and Marketing oriented Business.

Hypermedia SMS Gateway is customer premises equipment that takes into consideration SMS cloud services security and database integrity issues, and overcomes the risk using direct SMSC gateway.

Key Benefits:
• Minimal setup time
• Client’s Database Integrity
• Have your own internal system control
• Generate own personal SMS campaigns
• Protect Database from “man in the middle” attacks
• Control your own SMS campaigns budget
• Third party application support: SMPP/HTTP/SMTP/API
• Two way texting with SMS long code support

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If you are considering purchasing an SMS gateway, read a few things to take note of when looking for unlimited text plans here:

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