Call Dropping

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Re: Call Dropping

Posted:Sat 18 of Aug, 2012 (06:35 UTC)
Cisco Systems, though expensive, makes pretty good QOS solutions; In the past we had issues with our voip setup at and we were able to overcome them buy simply upgrading our hardware. Feel free to call me at 1-800-406-3282 I am at extension 1033 and am more than willing to put you in contact with the engineers both inside and outside our company and that helped us solve our hardware QOS issues.
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Re: Call Dropping

Posted:Thu 19 of Jul, 2012 (12:21 UTC)
Hi maliel,

There are various reasons for call dropping.

1. Server Side
2. ISP bandwidth
3. THE VOIP providers ability to take up the load.

Please email me ur contacts so I can be of further assistance.
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Call Dropping

Posted:Mon 16 of Jul, 2012 (18:49 UTC)
Hello guys, im new here, i do work with voip (started like 2 months ago) and im having a few problems, not sure if this is
this forums idea, but here i go.

People of my company always complain about call dropping, sometimes they are in the middle of a call and this just
"finishes itself", i do check the logs for hangupcauses and stuff but it looks like that the call was finished "normally".
Is this "call dropping" expected? I mean we have around 300 voip extensions, in a MPLS (diferrent places), sometimes a
"drop" is expected? It cant be 100% because it depends of a lot of factors like routers, switchs, MPLS speed, internet
speed, routing, QOS? We do have a vlan and QOS, but its not even close to 100%.

I mean, im kinda lost since i never experienced that kind of issue before, any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.