Introduction Letter from Purchase Department:

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Introduction Letter from Purchase Department:

Posted:Wed 18 of Jul, 2012 (06:06 UTC)
DESH TELECOM has many years of experience in VoIP Services, offering services like Wholesale Routes and A-Z Routes. We are directly interconnected with all the major voice carriers worldwide.
While at present the needs of our various clients’ increases, retaining our original customers and developing strong relationships with new and potential customers. Related service offerings as opportunity arises, we want to work with direct terminators as well as vendors globally and engage to provide support various kinds of solutions regarding technical issues such as: internet bandwidth, soft switches, etc.
We work on post-pay consist of 7+7 terms of buying.
We have excellent daily volume traffic, direct Terminators having live traffic, huge capacity and competitive rates with high quality routes are requested to contact for testing. Your business with us will be highly appreciated. Our Purchase team awaiting for you 24x7.
Please contact
Mr. Steve Martin
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Ms. Lyn Javier

Ms. Sheryl Remo

Ms. Fatima Jumabong

Kevin Crowe
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