PSTN to LAN VoIP solution (Need help)

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Re: PSTN to LAN VoIP solution (Need help)

Posted:Thu 26 of Jul, 2012 (08:15 UTC)
hello matt,

u need to establish a asterisk server... with a analog card. with both FXO and FXS port.. which will used to connect ur pstn phone in house B.

and create sip accounts in ur asterisk server which will be used to connect 10 bungalows to house B through sip..

for more help....
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PSTN to LAN VoIP solution (Need help)

Posted:Tue 24 of Jul, 2012 (16:24 UTC)
Hello I want to create a network. And I need help cause i m not an expert at all. Here is the problem

I have one PSTN Line with a phone , and one DSL with internet, in the first house (house A)

It is connected to a second house (house B) with ethernet cable connection by 2 switches.
And I want to install a telephone in the house B, that can receive the calls of the pstn line. What do i need, is it a FXO gateway ?
(I saw on a forum, SPA 3102 maybe...)

That's the first case.

2) Afterwords,
I have 10 bungalows around the house B, connected with it with underground ethernet connection.
I want to put SIP lines in those bungalows, that can call to each other (for free) and call to external on the pstn line.

I would like to keep my current dsl connection, and my pstn line.

Can anyone explain me, what i have to do,
Many thanks.