Termination in Bangladesh

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Re: Termination in Bangladesh

Posted:Wed 18 of Dec, 2013 (21:26 UTC)
Dear sir,
May be we can solve this problem. If you use our router base solution then may be its oke.
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Termination in Bangladesh

Posted:Wed 08 of Aug, 2012 (23:44 UTC)

I am newcomer. I am not so sound about VOIP. Although I'd started from this March by influencing my friend. But now on I cant walk on to do this smoothly as I am not so acknowledged. Have anyone from Bangladesh to guiding me to do it continue?


Give me some suggestions by assessing my below texts........
From beginning I've to use GoIP 8port devices, broadband connection by SBO. Most recently I am suffering with low ASR (below 20%) where ACD is 5-7min.