Migrate to a new Wholesale VoIP Softswitch in no time

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Migrate to a new Wholesale VoIP Softswitch in no time

Posted:Mon 13 of Aug, 2012 (09:06 UTC)
Speedflow Communications offers a turn-key solution for wholesale VoIP carriers. Get the full-fledged solution for your business with no CAPEX. We charge monthly rental payments only. The turn-key solution includes:
- Class 4 Softswitch with billing, transcoding and revenue assurance system;
- Collocation;
- Dedicated hardware Xeon E3 servers;
- Internet bandwidth;
- 24/7 technical support and hardware monitoring;
- Regular release updates.
MediaCore Softswitch is a high-performance and scalable platform which is designed for any-sized VoIP wholesale providers. You can choose the packages from 50 to 30 000 concurrent calls.
Speedflow advanced network comprises of reliable data-centers on three - Europe, North America and Asia. We guarantee redundancy and a high level of data security.
For more information feel free to contact us via e-mail info@speedflow.com or visit our web-site

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