Wholesale VoIP DIDs, Origination and Termination for Resellers!

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Wholesale VoIP DIDs, Origination and Termination for Resellers!

Posted:Tue 14 of Aug, 2012 (13:14 UTC)
VoIP Innovations is a Wholesale VoIP provider of the telecommunications industry's top carriers. We are committed to providing high quality and low cost Wholesale VoIP services to ITSP's, Hosted PBX providers, call centers, calling cards, and carriers through our unique industry leading BackOffice, Titanium III. VoIP Innovations offers one of the largest Wholesale VoIP DID and A-Z termination footprints in the US and worldwide.

Our VoIP Wholesale service provides wholesale DIDs in the US and over 60 countries, A-Z SIP termination, E911, 411, CNAM, and more. We leverage our high-volume traffic to negotiate aggressive rates. VoIP Innovations doesn't lock our customers into a long term contract or ask for an unreasonable minimum. Additionally, we eliminate the need to negotiate and manage separate contracts with multiple vendors. We bring it all together in one complete Wholesale VoIP package.

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