HyberTone GSM Gateway with 1-16 sims, weight less than 1 kilo

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HyberTone GSM Gateway with 1-16 sims, weight less than 1 kilo

Posted:Thu 23 of Aug, 2012 (07:03 UTC)
Shenzhen HyberTone Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise, which integrates scientific research, developing, producing, and selling into an organic whole. Since it was esta blished, it has been engaged in the research, development and Production of the communication Products. It has owned abundant experience in the development, Production, and sale of software and hardware. The company relies mainly on the sale of solution schemes and regards the sale of its own Products as the complement. The key Products includes all kinds of broadband IP Telephone Terminal station, broadband IP yelephone gateway, communication protocol stack, enterprise exchange server and charge system.

We supply
1-16 sims GSM Gateway
1-8 ports FXS Gateway
SIM Bank 32
1-4 lines IP Phone
1 FXS and 1 Sim GSM gateway
If you go the our website, you will know how powerful and beautiful the Gateway is

Customer Manager: Nicholas Jia
Email: nicholas@hybertone.com
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Skype: hybertone.nicholas
Tel: (+86)755-88290301
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Mobile: +86 13420951139
Website: www.hybertone.com