Transcoding for VoIP Wholesale Traffic

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Transcoding for VoIP Wholesale Traffic

Posted:Mon 03 of Sep, 2012 (07:37 UTC)
VoIP Wholesale business requires a high level of flexibility and mobility. VoIP providers operate with a wide range of codecs. It is very important to be able to convert codecs and connect sides together at no data loss.
Speedflow offers a Softswitch Solution which successfully overcomes codec barriers. The MediaCore Softswitch supports all popular codecs used in the VoIP: g729 (a, b, ab), g723 (5.3, 6.3), g711 (u-law, a-law), GSM FR. Due to transcoding the MediaCore Softswitch makes VoIP providers more competitive and efficient.
For more information regarding the MediaCore Softswitch, please contact us via e-mail info@speedflow.com or visit our web-site

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