TDM/VoIP in India using Asterisk

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TDM/VoIP in India using Asterisk

Posted:Mon 17 of Sep, 2012 (10:47 UTC)

I heard that in Cisco it‘s possible to use both TDM and VoIP on same server, by doing some logical partitioning.

Can we achieve the here in asterisk also ?
We can run 2 instances of Asterisk(say Asterisk_1 & Asterisk_2) with Two Different IPs and Ports(5060 & 5061).
Now, we will use Asterisk_1 only to make and receive SIP(VoIP) Calls, only International calls.
Whereas we will use Asterisk_2 with our DIGIUM Card(or E1 Card), this instance is only to receive and make Local Calls (India calls only).

Also we will use Cisco IP Phone 7960 Series, it is having multiple lines. On Line_1 we will use Asterisk_1 and Line_2 we will use Asterisk_2.

Please suggest, is it legal in INDIA or not OR else some other solution.

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