Bellow Mentioned Routes Need In Urgently

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Bellow Mentioned Routes Need In Urgently

Posted:Sat 29 of Sep, 2012 (02:37 UTC)

We are looking for following routes in urgently:

Algeria Wataniya, Afghanistan Cellular, Australia Cellular, Cuba, Costa Rica Proper & Cell Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, Ecuador Mobile

Egypt Cellular & Proper, Ethiopia Cellular, France Cellular, Gabon Cellular, Gambia Cellular, Germany Cellular, Ghana Cellular, Haiti Cellular, Honduras Cellular & Proper

Indonesia Cellular & Proper, Jamaica Cellular, Kenya Cellular, Kuwait Cellular & Proper, Malaysia Cellular, Madagascar Cellular, Mexico Cellular, Paraguay Cellular

Philippines Cellular Smart-Globe, Romania Cellular, Russia Cellular & Proper South Korea Cellular, Somalia, Sri Lanka Cellular & Proper, Tunisia Cellular, Vietnam Cellular & Proper, Venezuela Cellular, Zimbabawe Cellular & Proper

Also if you have any direct Non CLI route then please contact if have any offer.