Asterisk Chanspy() querry

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Asterisk Chanspy() querry

Posted:Fri 02 of Nov, 2012 (07:06 UTC)
I am using ChanSpy() for snooping


When I start and stop snooping manually from softphone it works fine but If caller drops call than asterisk does not end call or end spying channel. SO that that channel remain busy.I am using asterisk v


A, B and C are 3 persons

C called B

A (Spying)
B (Spied)
C (caller who is on call with B)

A start snooping (using ChanSpy) ,if A stop Snooping it works fine , but If B or C end the call then A remains on Call (Channel associate with A rmain alive)

Please guide how could A knows that call Between B and C is ended

Thanks in advance!!!