Uni-Ta UTP1400 factory reset without password

Joined: Sat 03 of Nov, 2012

Uni-Ta UTP1400 factory reset without password

Posted:Sat 03 of Nov, 2012 (13:55 UTC)

I'm doing some work for a company that has VOIP phones from a wide range of manufacturers. 4 of the phones are UTP1400s from Uni-Ta.

Although they have been working well I need to change the configuration & no one knows the password that has been set on them.
All of the other phones that I've had this problem with have had some method of doing a factory reset without having to login first.
This one though, the only method I've been able to find through searching the web involves logging in as admin first.

I tried calling the UK office of Uni-Ta using the phone number advertised on their web site, and was greeted by someone who wanted to know how I got this number, and told me I should ask the company I bought the phones from - Not the best customer service I've ever come across...

The company who own the phones looked in their records & it turns out that they bought them from an Ebay trader that is no longer trading.

So - Can anyone out there help me turn 4 useless lumps of plastic into usable phones by telling me how to factory reset these phones without needing to login first please?

Many thanks.