HPEC echo cancellation

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HPEC echo cancellation

Posted:Thu 08 of Nov, 2012 (16:05 UTC)
I purchased HPEC from Digium for my FreePBX because I was having an echo problem on one of my FXS ports. I believe I followed the install instructions but...

When I run “service dahdi status” I get (only port 2 is connected – to one local analog phone):

[root@phones init.d]# ./dahdi status
### Span  1: WCTDM/4 "Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F Board 5" (MASTER)
  1 FXO        FXSKS       (In use)  RED
  2 FXS        FXOKS       (In use) (EC: HPEC - INACTIVE)
  3 FXS        FXOKS       (In use)
  4 unknown    Reserved

The “EC: HPEC – INACTIVE” is the part that concerns me.

Dahdihpec_enable gives:

Running dahdihpec_enable:  Digium High-Performance Echo Canceller Enabler
Copyright (C) 2006, Digium, Inc.
Version SVN-trunk-r83
Use the '-l' option to see license information for software
included in this program.

Found key 'HPEC-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX' for 1 channels.
Found valid HPEC licenses for 1 channels.
Successfully enabled 1 channels.

My system.conf is very simple:

[root@phones init.d]# grep -v "#" /etc/dahdi/system.conf
loadzone = us

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Google and have come up empty handed.