Hot softswitching offer

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Hot softswitching offer

Posted:Mon 12 of Nov, 2012 (16:41 UTC)
we've got all you need for sucessful voip termination.
our world class ixc softswitch is on the market from 2005, now it is safe and reliable solution.
- ASR/ACD/PDD routing
- Flexible Percent routing
- Quality routing
- Sort conditions
- Build rules
- Price list generator
- 24/7 technical support
- User friendly web interface
- Regular release updates

The most advantage of the ixc softswitch is its flexible and powerfull individual profitable routing policies with easy and understandable web interface. You can adjust settings of calls routing for many occasions and the softswitch never make unprofitable connections.
But the most prominent is powerfull user management system, which allows you to configure web interface and kind of reports for end users of the switch.

Contact if intrested!