Please advise a solution for VOIP

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Re: Please advise a solution for VOIP

Posted:Mon 26 of Nov, 2012 (14:42 UTC)
Hello Max!
I think the best practise is Skype, which, I guess, you're already using. But if you'ld like more functionality, more additional features you can set up an IP PBX platform.
To do this you should:
1) disscuss what features do you need;
2) refer to your telephone company specifying the possibility of IP prolongation;
3) configure and setup of the hardware (IP phones and PBX).
By deploying IP PBX you'll get short numbers for inside company calls, possibility to unite separate offices into one system, call redirection, call forwarding, fax, fax to email (as attached file). Besides that you'll be able to monitor all the telephony processes through the WEB site, available anytime and anywhere from the Internet.
Here is small amount of additional services you can get:
-Call recording
-Virtual secretary
-Voice mail
-Automatic configuration and reconfiguration of the phones
-Multimedia calls
-Login to your phone number from anywhere from the internet
-Saving of telephone numbers of the office, if changing location of the office
-Dynamic enlargement of the telephone lines or numbers if necessary
If intrested in such a solution - contact me on skype for further disscussion ANDREW.IXC
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Please advise a solution for VOIP

Posted:Sun 25 of Nov, 2012 (09:49 UTC)
Our team members are located in different parts of the world and we need non-expencive connection with good quality, We would like to use IP Phones or personal computers (laptops)

Could anybody help me to undestand what kind of solution is suitable for such a case? What details are important for such a demand?

Thanks in advance.