how to configure asterisk behind an analog PBX

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how to configure asterisk behind an analog PBX

Posted:Sat 08 of Dec, 2012 (18:14 UTC)
Hello All,

I am struggling to configure TrixBox (as I am not skilled at all with Asterisk I am using it as I can take advantage from the most friendly GUIs) behind an analog PBX so I am writing to hopefully find the suggestion I need to set it up properly.

The analog PBX gets two POTS for an office with three internal extensions (Receptionist, Room1, Room2). During the day calls to both lines are routed to the Receptionist extension whilst during the night calls are routed to two other extensions depending on which POTS is called.

As the calls load to the receptionist increased a lot it's been thought to set up a IVR to give the caller the chance to leave a message for non urgent requests or to get in touch with the receptionist.

As all the rooms have a PC the idea was to set up an IVR with Trixbox, create 3 SIP extensions (Receptionist, Room1, Room2) and connect it to the receptionist analog extension to get all the incoming calls to the IVR.

Now, I was able to configure the 3 SIP extensions and let them talk to each other but I am not able to get the calls from the analog Receptionst extension to the Trixbox PBX, neither to go outside from any of the SIP extensions.

On the Trixbox PC I have a PCI TDM410P with one FXO (port #1) and one FXS (port #4) -as I didn't know what exactly I should have used I bought both.
Being in doubt I created two ZAP trunks one per each module and a generic Inbound route with all fields blank.

I then tried to plug the analog cable from the receptionist phone to the FXO module first, restart the zaptel and asterisk services and tried to call but nothing: the ring tone was there but no chance to get to the IVR.
So I unplug it from the FXO and I plugged it to the FXS, restarted zaptel and asterisk and again issued a call: once again, nothing. The ring tone could be heard but no IVR menu.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!