Get mobile dialers, Pc2phone, Ip-Phone at best rates

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Get mobile dialers, Pc2phone, Ip-Phone at best rates

Posted:Mon 17 of Dec, 2012 (08:44 UTC)
We are a global leader in Telecommunications and seeking Business Consultants/Agents/Resellers in KSA and UAE to promote our VoIP International Calling Business on a long term basis. We have best quality routes with mobile dialers.

We Provide Pc2Phone, Mobile2Phone (Mobile Dialers for Nokia, Blackberry, Androids, IPhones, and Windows OS), IP-Phones with lowest rates to most Countries globally.

The customers need to just download the mobile dialer or Pc2Phone software from our Website for free and top up their account with the business associate/reseller and start making international calls.

We invite serious individuals and groups to start reselling our services with no investment.

You fix your own rates for different customers and make huge profits.

Rates to India (1 cent/min) Pakistan (7 cents/min) & Bangladesh (4 cents/min)

The payment terms are Prepay and can be taken in UAE, Hong Kong & India.

For more info please contact me on:

Kaleru Vasu, Sales Officer